Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about COVID-19 and the Vaccine but Were Afraid to Ask (Members Only – Free Event)

Aug 31, 2021 8:00AM—12:00PM


Online Webinar , NY

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In this informative presentation by author, researcher and nationally renowned diagnostic radiologist James C. Ferretti, DO, DABR you’ll hear the TRUTH about Covid-19, the vaccine and the ominous Delta Variant.  Dr. Ferretti dispels every myth, fallacy and rumor about the current pandemic and I assure you, the amount of misinformation in mass media is TERRIFYING.

Using this presentation to combat its technical staff’s vaccine hesitancy, one member company went from zero vaccinated techs to more than half the team on the road to vaccination within a week, with more to come!

Presented matter-of-factly, this well researched presentation makes complex medical concepts understandable to the layman and concludes with a question and answer period to address any and all concerns.  Do not miss out on this event!