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We invite you to join us for a FREE 90 minute Management Presentation on two great topics; Social Media Marketing and Tools for Hiring.   A great opportunity to for YOU AND YOUR OFFICE STAFF to directly reach professionals working in these two areas. FOR MEMBERS ONLY


Friday, March 12th  | 9am - 1030am   


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How to Do Social Media Marketing

Coronavirus disproportionally impacted small businesses, and those who survived are navigating a brave new world in its wake - especially when it comes to marketing. Emerging platforms cemented their stake in the social media landscape when eyes were glued to screens during the quarantine and this trend is continuing.  Learn how you can focus to strengthen your social media strategy going forward.   

Hosted by:

Samantha Kamen

Associate Vice President Vault Communications


Tools for Hiring Right

Most owners and managers get to where they are because of technical expertise, not experience with human resources. But the availability of people, not customers, is often the limiting factor in a company's growth. NJPMA membership gives companies access to many resources that can help you navigate the complexities of finding, hiring, training and retaining talent. Attend this talk to develop your HR processes and learn some tips from others who have walked this path before.  

Hosted by:

Allie Allen, BCE Executive Director QualityPro



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