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Spring Conference Online Workshop

March 30th & March 31st  | 8:00am - 12:30pm   

Online Check-In Begin at 7am!

We invite you to join us for the NYPMA Spring Conference Online Workshop.  This workshop will feature a mix of in-depth sessions featuring the latest research and technology in the pest management industry.  A great opportunity to directly reach the professionals working in the Pest Control Industry.

The Spring Conference will cover the following topics…

Day #1 - March 30th

    • Cockroaches Are Back                     
    • Ants: The Changing Regulatory Landscape and Operational Impact                                      
    • Pesticide Safety Nightmares


Day #2 - March 31st

    • Rodent Control Inspections
    • Doing Your Best WDO (Termite) Inspections 
    • Practical Norway Rat Control


Featured Speakers include:

    • Phil Koehler, Ph.D.


    • Joe Barile, BCE,


    • John Murphy, LiphaTech


    • Paul Bello, BCE, 


    • Caroline Bragdon. Martha Morales, Carmen Negron; NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene



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- If you are an Individual - fill in the information online
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Announcing our new Master Technician Certification Program


Before the day’s activities, Len Douglen will be holding an informal Q&A Session each morning during registration.  Sponsors will be invited to join the discussion to take questions from attendees and speak about topics that coincide with the subject matter of the conference.  Please bring your own Coffee and Donuts!  

Registation fee 150

NYPMA Members

Day # 1 or Day #2 - $55.00

Two-Day Pass - $99.00



Day # 1 or Day #2 - $70.00

Two-Day Pass - $115.00


Requirements for Credits:

Important Information for Attending Virtual Seminar:

You must submit a copy of your Certification ID PRIOR to the beginning of the class via email or fax. ID will be verified during check-in day of seminar.

Attendees must be visible throughout the entire session (with live video on) and must stay to the end. This is a video only seminar. You cannot call in.

Polls will be randomly scheduled, & attendance will be visually monitored by a moderator.

Call-ins (audio only) are not eligible for pesticide recertification credits; you need a computer/phone/tablet with *live* video capability.

You must provide the email of the attendee. Zoom registrations will be emailed to each attendee's email a week or so before the seminar

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NYDEC Credits

NJDEP Credits*

PA Dept. of Ag.

Day #1

CORE - 3.0

7A - 2.0

7F - 2.0

8 - 1.0

10.0 - 3.0

Day #1

CORE - 2

7A - General & Household Pest Control - 4

7D - Food Processing - 2

8A - Gen. Public Health - 3

8C - Campground PC - 3


Day #1

Core - 2

11 - Household / Related - 4

23 - Park / School Pest Control - 4

Day #2

CORE - 1.5

7A - 1.75

7C - 1.0

8 - 1.75

10.0 - 2.75

Day #2

7A - General & Household Pest Control - 4

7B - Termites & Other WDI - 2

8A - Gen. Public Health - 4

8C - Campground PC - 2


Day #2

Core - 2

11 - Household / Related - 4

12 - Wood Destroying Pests - 2

15 - Public Health / Vertebrate - 4

23 - Park / School Pest Control - 4

This is a Joint Presentation by the NYPMA and the NJPMA