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We would like to invite you to join a partnership to promote and advance the goals and objectives of the pest management industry and your company. A unique cooperative effort exists between the New York Pest Management Association (NYPMA) and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA). You will be joining two strong associations with a multitude of programs and benefits that will help you accomplish your business goals. Our strong believe in this partnership prompted us to require companies to join both associations, which has lead to a powerful mix of benefits and provides a variety of services to all of our PMP members.


The purpose of the Association shall be:

To promote and encourage high standards, conduct, and ethics of the pest management industry by means of study, discussion, and education.

  • To foster research and distribution of knowledge among its membership and the general public, and to broaden public understanding of the pest management industry.
  • To promote the civic, social, and economic welfare of the pest management industry and to support our system of free competitive enterprise and individual acceptance of responsibility.
  • To cooperate with Federal, State, and Local government authorities for the good of the community and the pest management industry.
  • To support legislation and regulations that will protect the industry and its customers.
  • To cooperate with scientific and educational institutions in matters of interest to the pest management industry.
  • To disseminate data and available information relative to the functions and accomplishments of this Association members.
  • To cooperate with local, regional, and national associations with common interests in the welfare of the pest management industry.
  • To undertake other functions consistent with the bylaws that that will advance the efficiency of the Association’s member.
  • To promote the personal acquaintances of members to learn from each other through social as well as business involvement and encourage harmony and unity among its members.
  • Continually instruct the member personnel at all levels of product knowledge, basic skills, management techniques, and improved marketing methods through seminars, clinics, workshops, conferences, and the Association newsletter, One Voice.