Amendments to the Pesticide Reporting Law

What is the Pesticide Reporting Law (PRL)? The Pesticide Reporting Law (ECL Article 33 Title 12) requires the annual submission of reports by February 1 of each year, detailing pesticide activities for the prior calendar year. More information on what the PRL requires can be found in DEC’s PRL Policy-DSHM-PES-05-10.

PRL Form

What are the amendments to the PRL that affect pesticide reporters?

The Pesticide Reporting Law now requires the annual report to be submitted in electronic format.

Who is affected?

Any Certified Commercial Applicators, Technicians, Aquatic Anti-Fouling Paint Applicators, or Commercial Permittees (including Importers, Manufacturers, and Compounders) who are required to submit reports.

When does it go into effect?

The amendments went into effect in 2022. Annual reports for 2022 are required to be submitted in electronic format by February 1, 2023.

DEC recognizes that some commercial applicators, technicians, or commercial permittees that sell pesticides to private applicators may not have collected this information electronically or are not equipped to provide reports electronically for this reporting season. For those individuals who may still need time to transition to electronic reporting, pesticide reports due February 1, 2023, will still be accepted on paper forms. Nevertheless, all those individuals should be prepared to report electronically in the future.

Commercial Permittees that manufacture, compound, or import pesticides in New York are required to submit annual reports electronically starting February 1, 2023.

How to Submit Electronically

DEC’s Pesticide Electronic Reporting Website outlines the various ways a pesticide report can be submitted electronically. DEC recommends applicators, businesses, and permittees, who have not submitted electronically in the past to become familiar with the electronic reporting website before the start of pesticide activities in 2023.

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